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  • Category: Social Networking
  • Release Date: 2016-03-31
  • Current Version: 2.3.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 107.60 MB
  • Developer: Nintendo Co., Ltd.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
  • App Ratings:
    4/5 ( 25,177 App Reviews)
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Miitomo App Ratings: 4
Based on 25,177 App Reviews

Miitomo iOS App Details

Miitomo is a smart-device app that sparks one-of-a-kind conversations between you and your friends. It's from Nintendo—and free to start! Basic Features of Miitomo ■ Make a Mii to Look Like You Miitomo features the Mii characters that debuted on Nintendo's Wii system. Choose from a wide library of facial features to make your Mii look just like you. After creating your Mii and giving it a nickname, you can further customize how it speaks and even how it moves and behaves. ■ Your Mii Is Your Social Go-Between In Miitomo, your Mii and your friends' Mii characters act as social go-betweens. Your Mii will ask you questions about those little details about yourself you'd never think to ask. Your friends' Mii characters will do the same. Your Mii and their Mii characters tell each other these details. ■ Dress Your Mii However You Want Costumes, streetwear, formal fashion, every-day style—you can find it all in the Miitomo shop. You can get clothing items with Miitomo coins, which you earn by playing Miitomo. You can also purchase Miitomo coins. ■ Win Prizes From Miitomo Drop Miitomo features a minigame in which you drop a Mii into a play field, and then watch it bounce around as it falls toward a variety of platforms. You'll win a prize based on where it lands. Some clothing items are available only in Miitomo Drop. Note: To play Miitomo Drop, you need Miitomo coins, which you earn by playing Miitomo. You can also use game tickets, which you can get as a daily bonus, among other ways. You can also purchase Miitomo coins. ■ Make Your Mii a Star with Miifotos In Miitomo, you can create images called Miifotos. You can let your creativity go wild, putting your Mii and friends' Mii characters in images you make from a library of stamps, fonts, and backgrounds. You can also use photos from a smart device's camera as backgrounds for Miifoto creations. Other New Features: ■ Send a message with a Mii! You can exchange messages with your friends using Mii characters as messengers. ■ Customize your room to perfection! Unleash your inner interior designer with wallpaper and flooring styles up for grabs through Miitomo Drop. ■ Strut your stuff in Style Central! If you've ever wanted to show off your stylish outfits to the world, now you can! Miitomo users all over the world will be able to admire and give hearts to your creations! ■ Satisfy your curiosity with Answer Central. Answer global questions and see answers from all over the world! ■ Have fun making Sidekick Mii characters! Create new Mii characters that look like anyone in the whole wide world. Decorate their rooms, show off their sharp fashion sense in Sidekick Central, and send them as messengers to your friends! ■ Post and share images with Miifoto Log! Comment on and share Miifotos and images stored on your smart device. You can also share your post on SNS like Twitter and Facebook. *This app offers in-app purchases. As stated in the Miitomo User Agreement, you must be at least 13 years or older to use Miitomo. We permit our third-party partners to collect data from this app for analytical and marketing purposes. For more information about our ads, please see the “How we use your information” section of the Nintendo Privacy Policy.


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iOS App Reviews

  • Dear developers…

    By Emily. (Katie)
    I would really like a few more things in the game. First, the easiest ones! I would really like more facial expressions for the emoji, and for some to change expressions, like 😏➡️😈, 😤➡️😏, and 😤➡️ Yes face. And I would like to see new expressions with these:🤨🧐🤓😎🤣🤪🤩🤬🤯🤔🤭🤫🤥😪😵🤐🤢😯😲😶😣😖😔🤠🤡🤮🤤🤒🤧🙄😘. I would also like new poses for more miifoto fun and to match the new expressions. Now, the hard part! I would love to have a small town where you and your friends, strangers, and sidekick miis can hang out with you, and you can earn and spend coins there too! What I would like in the town is: a restaurant, a park, the swimming pool, a gym, the shop we all know and love/hate, 2 more shops(will be explained later…), a marketplace(will be explained later too…), a school, a fountain with a statue of the creator of maro, and a crafting place(will be explained also). Of course! Everything I said won’t be added to the town! But hey, it’s something! About the 2 new shops and a market, well…I would really love to have furniture to be added it’ll really give personality to your room! I would also love a wallpaper shop too! I and everyone else are tired of having to go to Miitomo drop to get our regular wallpaper. Can’t you do that to exclusive furniture and wallpaper? Please?! There’s probably one place to go! The marketplace it’s a place where you can sell: clothing, wallpaper, furniture, and craft-able items. The craft-able items are things, with your sidekick miis, friends, and yourself as the models! You can craft: A gold trophy, a sculpture, a portrait or a scenery, a t-shirt, a toy(teddy bear, a stuffed animal, a doll, a cho cho train, a ball, russian dolls, an action figure, silly goo, a fashion doll, and a jump rope)most toys are based on the mii that is modeling, a wallpaper, and a rug. You can craft them at the crafting place, or you can tap on your mii and press craft! You can craft for yourself, or sell it! Now for the other things, can we please do more things with our mii and earn coins for it? We can pet our mii, give it a tissue, give it a toy(you crafted), throw our mii around, give it food and drinks, let it do yoga, etc. It depends on what you answered on the quiz, it contains questions like: what’s your favorite food/foods, favorite animal/animals, favorite holiday, etc. You type down your answer like you do when answering regular questions. You get the quiz when you first get on, or you do the quiz when it first updated it(The quizmaster is one of the developers of the respective countries)! Also, if they’re first getting on…please do it AFTER they our assigned with their personality! And if they’re editing their mii, please don’t do the quiz after they edit the mii! If they want to edit their answers on the quiz, they should go to the place where their bio is! Also, please remove any questions in the quiz from the main questions please! Thank you! Also, Please also add more body types: Like hips for the girls, muscles for the boys, and a skinny or chubby option. I know you won’t add EVERYTHING I said, but if you added most of the hard stuff, and all the easy stuff! You have yourself a pretty good and very unique social media/game app! -With cheers: Emily.
  • Put support

    By Preston robotics
    I think it is an awesome game. The only thing is I have an iPhone X and it doesn’t support full screen round edges.
  • Needs better auto Mii creation

    By Boydston01
    I really expected much better auto Mii creation. Take my picture, create a Mii that looks like me.
  • Ok buuuutttt....

    By Jannko14
    Cool game but add more countries because I can't link to my acc
  • not as much as i thought

    By old viner
    i really liked it at first, i really enjoyed making my character, especially how you can make the voice and personality specific, but then after awhile there wasnt as much to it as i thought there’d be. i wish there was more interaction with other players, you can look through answer central, but thats almost as far as it goes. when a friend come to your house you just answer questions really. i just wish there was more to it. i wish friending people was more simple, and that there was more to do, like a town where we can control where we move and it was easier to have a conversation, if you comment you can only do it once and its just not very efficient.. also i wish there was more games, that is that you could play with friends, without paying coins or anything. also i just think it’s kind of ridiculous that you have to buy an outfit more than once if you want your mii’s to wear it.. that goes with wallpapers too. i wish we could do more in our house, im surprised you cant find other furniture, but i wish we could let the mii’s sleep or something, sit on a chair, watch tv, things like that. also it would be very preferable if we could get rid of clothes, like by selling them. not to actual other players but rather than throwing them a way we can get rid of them & get money for it. also there could be trading. i think what i want is too complex but those are really my main issues. update: i’ve been having a bit more fun with this game & i heard of tomodachi life which might be similar so i could possibly try that out
  • Not what I thought

    By So much work down the drain
    So recently I was shocked there was a mii game on a mobile so I downloaded it and I was so exited but then I soon fell to low cash if there was some way to earn cash without paying please add an update to fix this it would be nice for the players that are poor.
  • Mii app

    By Bigjim12345
    Update this app please
  • Fun Mii app

    By Hatch82
    This app is more fun than expected. It's a way you can make your Mii more "social". You can play this alone or add friends to interact with. As for room customizations, I don’t like how they have it set up. All room customizations have to be won from mini games. It’s practically gambling when it comes to the level of challenge. Most items are very hard to win. Pros: Nintendo Mii Customizations Rewards for doing simple tasks Add/interact with friends Link your Nintendo account Cons: Voices sound cheap. Hard mini games to win room customizations.
  • 👍🏻 🛏=🤩

    By missysharklover
    What a great game! I love it plus only your friends can contact you. But it would be cool if you can organize your room with furniture that you want. Also clothes should be cheaper it takes forever to just buy a simple outfit or clothes
  • So unfair

    By eLUMAnated
    I am 11 and they won't let me use my actual birth year,2006. So unfair! Come ON PUHLEEZE UPDATE THIS APP