Tiny Tales: Heart of the Forest

Tiny Tales: Heart of the Forest

By Artifex Mundi S.A.

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2017-07-19
  • Current Version: 1.0.8
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • File Size: 1.26 GB
  • Developer: Artifex Mundi S.A.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
  • App Ratings:
    4.5/5 ( 102 App Reviews)
  • Price:
Tiny Tales: Heart of the Forest App Ratings: 4.5
Based on 102 App Reviews

Tiny Tales: Heart of the Forest iOS App Details

FANTASTIC HIDDEN OBJECT PUZZLE ADVENTURE GAME FROM THE CREATORS OF ENIGMATIS AND GRIM LEGENDS! There is a secret world hidden at the bottom of the forest: the magical kingdom of Brie where tiny humans live in harmony with animals. When little Max is called home to help his estranged mother, he never imagined it would be the biggest journey he would have to make. BUY ONCE - ENJOY ENDLESSLY! Unlock the game to own it forever! Welcome to the kingdom of Brie: the tiniest land in the world ruled by the mouse king Oliver. Hidden deep in the foliage of the forest, between the blades of grass and mushrooms, there's a place where tiny people coexist with animals. Our little hero Max suddenly interrupts the search for his father when he is called home to help his mother save his childhood home. His only hope is to win a prize in a tournament, but as it turns out this is just the beginning of an epic adventure. Can he become a champion of the kingdom and discover the reason for a deadly drought that endangers everyone? Help Max to unravel mysteries, find clues in hidden objects and defeat all puzzles that stand in his path. Follow the tiny man on an dangerous quest to discover a well-kept secret which, if revealed, could shake the very foundation of the kingdom of Brie. Become the hero and write your own chapter in Tiny Tales: Heart of the Forest. • Enjoy the beautiful hand-painted graphics! • Meet charming characters filling the story! • Travel through 36 amazing locations! • Solve colorful minigames and HOS! • Complete the great bonus adventure! +++ MORE ARTIFEX MUNDI GAMES ! +++ Scarlett Mysteries: Cursed Child Ghost Files: The Face of Guilt Queen's Quest 3: The End of Dawn The Secret Order 5: The Buried Kingdom Lost Grimoires 2: Shard of Mystery +++ WE ARE HERE +++ WWW: http://artifexmundi.com FACEBOOK: http://facebook.com/artifexmundi TWITTER: http://twitter.com/ArtifexMundi FORUM: http://forum.artifexmundi.com YOUTUBE: http://youtube.com/user/ArtifexMundi PINTEREST: http://pinterest.com/artifexmundi INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/artifexmundi


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iOS App Reviews

  • Absolute Delightful

    By H1ppo109109
    Such a nice, calm game. No gore, no violence. I am playing very slowly in order to enjoy this game for as long as I can. Highly recommend. Would love more games of this genre and quality.
  • My "Heart" Belongs To This "Tiny Tale"!

    By KimTwilight69
    Note: Resubmitted Due To Update: I've just been transported back several decades to a time when I was full of curiosity, when I would read fantasy books teeming with whimsical characters, magical landscapes, and heart-warming sentiments. This charming game should instill tender and fuzzy tingles in even the most vehemently loyal fans of hard-core horror. I adore the refreshing change of perception as creatures and humans interact with each other. The diverse creatures you encounter are portrayed with human-like qualities to bring them to life; for example, they communicate as a human would, make decisions and solve problems, and feel emotions through their experiences. This helps me feel more connected to the characters, and I really care about what happens to them. I love the snippets of incorporated humor that puts a smile on my face; who else loves the name Rattus Rattburn? The voice-overs are nicely done. The graphics are beautifully rendered to showcase this developer's expertise in producing high-quality illustrations, as noted by the sharp attention to details. The hand-painted settings are exquisite and lively, as you traverse through vividly colored landscapes that complement the imaginary theme. You can customize your settings. The inventory is labeled and interactive; items require assembly. In custom mode, the teleport map enables smooth travel and indicates available actions. Your Diary solely records your objectives; I wish it recorded the story-line progression. I like the lesser-known feature of turning contraptions around to view and interact with the other sides. The varied HOSs are artistically presented to suit the theme of the storyline; items used will depend on the altering environments. The puzzles are story-driven to carry on your goals; the solutions of some will solve a predicament. For example, the tournament is realistically portrayed when you move from one test to the next to prove your worthiness, with the crowds cheering and jeering in the background. I always love the story-setting fashion, as you learn parts of the backstory while engaging in some type of activity, such as finding hidden symbols within the scenes. Transition between scenes is seamless; flawless execution and mechanics are a standard with this developer. You discover a few collection sets throughout the scenes that are conspicuously placed. If I want to nit-pick about something, I think that the gameplay is too simplistic in challenge, especially the puzzles. Overall, this enchanting storyline brings out the inner-child in me; there's an innocence about it that makes me reflect on my forgotten cherished memories, which is a rare occurrence these days. I hope to revisit my childhood again sometime soon.
  • Awesome Game!!!

    By Stepht711
    Another amazing game. I quickly buy everything you put out and I'm never disappointed. Lots of fun and cute. Buy this one!
  • Feather puzzle freezes

    By Dari T
    Game keeps freezing on me I replayed it twice and every time I get to the feather puzzle it messes up
  • Feather bug a show stopper

    By Omen_RIP
    I modified my initial rating of 5 stars to one star because of a show-stopping bug at the end of the game. After you free the mouse princess you have to complete a mini-game to assemble the magic feather. But when you finish the mini-game, the reconstructed magic feather disappears, never put in your inventory. Without the feather, the game is stuck there; you can't go any further. What a shame!
  • Quite fun

    By duidance
    Seamless play. The graphics are gorgeous, and I even laughed out loud at the silly humor. Cute game. For those who don't care for dark magic games, this one has a lighthearted approach to magic using runes and collecting them in a spell book to mix together. Good wins over evil. I will let my older elementary grandkids play this one.
  • Can't finish game

    By Beauty/Beast4eva
    I completed all the puzzles, freed the princess, unruffled the feather and....nothing. Don't know what to do next, hint button doesn't help. But other then that, great game, love it.
  • Still after update - Can't finish the game

    By MMBGoHogs2016.
    I'm nearing the end, the hint button doesn't work, also I can't move on to the end of the game. I'm very frustrated.
  • Tiny Tales: Heart of the Forest by LynxMinx

    By lynx minx
    The object of this game was to save a mouse kingdom from an evil rat and his minions. Perfect for me, right? All joking aside this was an adorable little game with magnificent graphics. You could customize settings. Although there was no cohesive journal objectives were regularly updated and the objectives were very detailed. Collectibles at each location included cheese coins and mouse dolls. There was a marked teleport map which transported you fluidly and instantaneously between locations. There wasn't a ton to do at each location and the game was somewhat linear. Inventory items were labeled and there were complex items to assemble. One element I really enjoyed was the unique perspective in using certain items; you must turn them in different directions and complete certain actions in order to obtain and utilize those particular items. In addition, you possess a magic spell book, which you use to gain different powers. In order to progress through the game you must collect hidden rune signs and then apply the correct potion color to transmute a spell. Once you have the spell you use it to overcome obstacles in the game. Morphing objects were confined to the HO scenes, which had some variation but were nonetheless fairly standard. As an alternative to the scene you can opt to play a game of Monaco. There were quite a few puzzles/games. Some were rotational, and others were games of skill or dexterity; there were also mazes to be navigated and codes to crack. Most were quite simplistic but they were enjoyable nonetheless and there was enough variety to suit everyone. This game was enjoyable but I found it to be quite short, even with the bonus adventure. Also at times it was a bit difficult to apply inventory items. You could also ascertain that English was not the first language of the developer, but it didn't hinder game progression. However, overall it was a gorgeous and adorable time waster, especially with a sale price of $2.99! Brave Giant Studios takes you on a magical and inventive ride, and the game is appropriate for all ages. This was a very nice escape from the horror genre, which is my least favorite type of game. My final review will be 4.5 stars. I deducted the star for length and for touch sensitivity. Lynxie sends 💋😘❤️🤙🏻to everyone who played and enjoyed this sweet little game.
  • Glitch in the hint

    By Humptyy
    Currently at the last level but the hint doesn't work. I have no idea how to end it