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  • Category: Lifestyle
  • Release Date: 2013-08-07
  • Current Version: 3.1
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • File Size: 282.22 MB
  • Developer: Daniel Roberge
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.3 or later.
  • App Ratings:
    4/5 ( 118 App Reviews)
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EchoVox App Ratings: 4
Based on 118 App Reviews

EchoVox iOS App Details

3 years in the making. Now featuring pro quality reverb, the famous "Hindi" based bank D, upgraded audio engine now recording mono wav 44.1 files, a whole new mode, reversed playback and more. The learning curve for 3.0 is pretty steep for the new user. You can also get help from me and over 1,000 other users worldwide at: DEMO VIDEO IS IN PRODUCTION. PLEASE NOTE THIS SOFTWARE IS CPU INTENSIVE AND RUNS BEST ON NEWER DEVICES. ECHOVOX System all-in-one Echo based Real Time EVP recording system from the creator of SpiritVox. EchoVox is a real time amplified recording system used to create a bed of random chaotic noise using random phonetics, microphone input and a natural loop recording echo. Delay time can be set from anywhere to 0-10 seconds. This means what you are hearing is the actual audio being recorded to disk in real time, as it happens. Echo has been shown to contribute to EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) Note: The Echo is not a digital effect added to the sound. It is a loop of the actual recording. An external/BlueTooth speaker is recommended for best results, also the louder the better. FEATURES: ECHO WITHOUT RECORDING 6 CHANNELS OF RANDOM PHONETIC AUDIO 4 SOUND BANKS. STUDIO QUALITY REVERB 44.1 WAV REAL-TIME AUDIO RECORDING NEW "BURST" MODE* NEW AUTO BLEND/AUTO SHUFFLE MULTIPLE DELAY SETTINGS MIC GAIN INPUT CONTROL PLAY,FF,REW,SLOW,SPEED UP,REVERSE AUDIO FILES WITHIN APP FOR REVIEW UPLOAD TO SOUNDCLOUD FILE BROWSER NAME SESSION AT START CUSTOM REVERB PRESETS (.ievrp) CAN BE SAVED AND TRADED. *Random burst of random sounds from random banks for a random amount of time CONTROLS: Each channel has independent playback speed control + on/off. Mic gain controls microphone input volume "Auto Blend" "Shuffle" blends across the 6 random audio channels Echo starts recording to disk. THEORY: This is the result of years of experiments in the field, it is still a work in progress. The echo is actually a chaotic loop of the chopped up vocal samples and environmental sounds. A virtual soup of sound and frequencies impossible to predict. This system has been used and tested WORLDWIDE. On live television in India and South America. Featured on televisions "Ghost Trail" and "Seekers" and more. EchoVox is simply the #1 most trusted and widely used app by both pro's and "arm chair" paranormal investigators. Echovox is used by Barry Fitzgerald of TV's Ghost Hunters International and Bill Murphy of TV's Fact or Faked Paranormal files, Chris Flemming of Psychic Kids and Robb Demarest of Ghost Hunters International and other leaders in the paranormal field. EchoVox is NOT just an app, it is not a toy. It is for use by serious investigators and is not for the casual user. The best way to learn more about EchoVox: JOIN THE FB GROUP: I support my work 100% and want to help you learn to use this correctly and help with any issues. THE BEST METHOD FOR SUPPORT IS TO FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER @spiritvoxapp or at


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iOS App Reviews

  • It works for me

    By Redding Paranormal
    It works for me, does wonders too!! everyone is different and either spirits are going to talk to you or they’re not!!
  • Eating my iPhone alive

    By Travelur
    Where is deletion for recorded audio? There is no function to delete what you record. Right now I need to delete, my phone is malfunctioning freezing up. Because the audio is eating up phone memory 128GB <-?...Fix this. Don’t make your users have to unload the app every single time just to reinstall. That is a lot to ask because we all know you guys can do better.. Please intergrade deletion into the software programming for us...Please and Thank you..
  • My son purchased this app!!!

    By Perdifulz
    Need a refund please!
  • Fun app to use

    By Dr. Hec6
    Listening to the app carefully at a Civil War battlefield site, it said "union" twice and "attack". Update—-the upgrade to 3.0 provides a much needed audio to the iPhone’s internal speakers. Plus more features. I have a iPhone 8 and right now I’m having no problems. At one haunted place I heard the app said “get out of here”. Right now I am experimenting the reverb settings, other settings to find the best results for getting EVPs.
  • Update is great but...

    By Javsbdjdb
    So glad to see the update. Found settings on 3.0 I like... however on the iphone 6plus it is very buggy. Won’t always play back! Sometimes saves a session I named but most of the time it’s not saving the recordings. Then suddenly the recording appears if I close the app and reopen, but I just tried again and now that’s not working. Sometimes it will play a recording and then not. I deleted and redownloaded the app, but it didn’t fix the issue.
  • Finally updated and better than ever!

    By rev_beej
    So glad to see this finally updated. :)
  • Love it

    By Kade1408
    Love it!
  • Poor sound

    By Cboot8
    I just bought this not even a hour ago and the volume is horrible I have a iPhone 7 plus so no plug for speaker only Bluetooth I'd like my money back as this was not worth 20.00 to not hear what's being said . I had high hopes for this app :(
  • Love it!

    By DeniseSeah
    I have used the EchVox on my public Paranormal investigations for several years now and I am never disappointed in the results. I play from my iPad and have zero issues My Ghost Story " history never does"
  • This is a game changer! Only for serious users!!

    By Ihopenobodyhas thisnickname001
    Some people complain that the app is not compatible for Bluetooth so it's terrible.. 1. Screw off 2. At least it's a reliable app and gives good results 3. Just use it the way it was intended.. Then you have people saying about playback is hard to hear. Well one thing for sure.. No response will be 100% clear there will be static. It's electromagnetic waves/frequencies..which are all around us. You should always play back recordings several times. It's a waiting game..only for people who are serious about this! Not a toy that you would get in a happy meal people!! Also another key point i want to bring to your attention.. Yes it has phonemes. About 24 syllable phonemes and some vowel phonemes. Skeptics say this is how words are made.. well I see it as options for spirits to chose from and create words within the software. How do you explain oddly specific words pertaining where you are at this very moment? For example..I asked what color is my car as I sit in my car. It said whi-t-e.. huh? It must have been programmed cause Danny knew I would ask that in my car lol XD I have been using this app ever since echovox came out. I've used other apps by Danny. They are all great!!!