Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes

Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes

By Electronic Arts

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2015-11-24
  • Current Version: 0.10.1
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • File Size: 133.72 MB
  • Developer: Electronic Arts
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
  • App Ratings:
    4.5/5 ( 161,221 App Reviews)
  • Price:
Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes App Ratings: 4.5
Based on 161,221 App Reviews

Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes iOS App Details

"The best Star Wars™ game to release for mobile devices in recent memory." – Gamezebo Live your Star Wars™ dreams as you fight with your favorite dark and light side heroes across iconic locations to become master of the galaxy. Create and customize your dream squad using characters from every era, including new characters from Star Wars™: The Force Awakens, Rogue One™: A Star Wars™ Story, and Star Wars™: The Last Jedi™. Engage in turn-based war, confront giant bosses, progress your characters, and take your game to the next level! CREATE THE ULTIMATE TEAM Rebel leaders? Imperial stalwarts? It’s your choice as you construct elite light and dark side teams while collecting heroes and other characters from the Star Wars™ universe. Make key strategic moves and pick teammates with complementary abilities to go to war with unbeatable squads! BECOME MASTER OF THE GALAXY Defeat opponents and rise to the top as you dominate the galactic hologames in a far-off cantina. Upgrade your heroes’ abilities as you play for even more powerful attacks and bigger wins. Then fight other players in Squad Cantina Battles, PvP Squad Arena, and Squad Tournaments to achieve greatness. PLAY WITH POWERFUL CHAMPIONS Make smart, tactical decisions and equip your heroes with the ultimate gear to enhance their damage in galactic war. Unlock fun abilities to make your team unstoppable as you unleash commanding moves like Luke Skywalker’s Bullseye, Jedi Knight Anakin’s Reckless Assault, and others. ENGAGE IN EPIC SHIP BATTLES Collect iconic starships and massive Capital Ships to construct your war fleets. Attack all-new challenges, fight through space, and compete in the Fleet Arena to test your prowess. Gather unique upgrade materials for characters, available only as rewards for Ship battles. Each vessel also has its own crew, adding special powers to individual Ships. Recruit powerful characters to create the strongest armada! RISE TO THE TOP IN GUILDS Lead Raids with friends and fight against bosses like the Rancor and AAT Tank when you create a customizable Guild. Collaborate with your Guild in Territory Battles where members unleash their entire arsenal of characters and ships against a progressively evolving battlefield. Show your dominance when you face off against other Guilds to conquer territories and top global leaderboards in Territory War. Terms of Service: Privacy and Cookie Policy: Game EULA: Visit for assistance or inquiries. EA may retire online features after 30 days’ notice posted on


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iOS App Reviews

  • Grind wars: Galaxy of Micro Transactions

    By Sillvizer
    The game is poorly balanced even if you pay to win. I like these style of games but this one simply lacks the any sense of completion. That’s saying something considering how old it is. Great job on the Money grab EA, you got me. Lesson learned.
  • Great

    By Ss dr
    Been playing over 3 years and I'm still addicted! Great game and won't get old after a week or two and because of how long I've been playing I don't regret the little bit of money I've put into it
  • Love it! My favorite game! Very addictive!

    By Morpheusxx
    Fun game. Enjoy collecting the characters!
  • Fun

    By cav123
    Greatest Star Wars game ever created
  • Easy fun and not expensive!

    By Drizzit2
    Try it.
  • Game is fun, but buggy lately

    By Scadugenga
    During battles, the game will black screen, causing you to close out the app, losing the energy and the match. Frustrating.

    By Sixx510
    ⛔️PLEASE READ!!!!!⛔️ I played this game from release up until a few months after they added ships. I played religiously. Lol. I spent between $50-$100 a month on it and sometimes more if I was after something specific. It rewards loyalty and dedication with a cold and stingy amount of loot. I’d sometimes spend complete energy amounts, refill and do this 4-5 times on a single mission trying to farm a character’s shards and no kidding only get about 3-5. To make it worse, you’re only allowed to try for a character’s shards 3 times a day on a “hard” mission so it costs more energy. PLUS, it cost premium currency to buy an extra 3 tries and after each purchase the cost goes up. By then you need to spend premium currency to refill your energy and premium currency to buy another 3 tries. For a measly 3-5 shards on a character requiring upwards of 80 in order for the character to even BEGIN to be useful. Then you gotta repeat the process to get the items required to level them up further. But it gets even better!!! They added these mod chips you can farm for which again is the same process. Money money money...if you want to be able to beat an event. The mod chips were cool I guess because it allows you to have duplicate characters fight with completely different stats. My Anakin will be different than yours. If you think it stops there, you’d be wrong. Those mod chips? Well they each have multiple slots to fill with items that, you guessed it...require more money, time, patience and luck (I guess). Plus, not many people know this but battles are predetermined. Meaning if you play a round and use your characters in whatever order, take note of who got criticals and how much damage they gave and received and let’s say you’re about to lose. You can restart before the actual loss, everyone’s health goes back to where it was but you’ll give and receive the exact amount of damage meaning you were never meant to win. I’ve tested this up to 10 times on a single round with multiple different rounds. Results are the same everytime. Then there’s the rare events that promise rewards you’ll never be able to receive because you will never beat them. To be fair this is only with a select few that require specific teams. Usually the most unpopular teams so they ensure that people will start farming to max out characters they might have but are NEVER used and are therefore useless in battle. My best team was a team of clones with Anakin leading paired with young Ashoka (who gains a buff if Anakin is present). It was a beefy team with high damage output, fair to outstanding healing, great defense, anti negative buff protection. It was all there. Took months to build and costed easily $200-$300 worth of buying card packs and farming. Does fine against other people’s teams but against the computer?!? Well let’s just say it pulled off 1 in a million attacks hitting back to back crits and giving characters extra turns that shouldn’t have occurred. Like a single character getting 5 attacks on a single turn not just once or twice. Then you had the issue where your attack did 0 damage on a character who didn’t dodge. Or your character would take full damage when it dodged. I could go on and on but it was my love of Star Wars that EA preyed upon that kept me coming back. A glutton for punishment. I finally just stopped playing after having enough of EA’s nonsense and greed. I spent so much money on it though so I can’t get myself to delete it. However, the game’s icon goes untouched on my handheld device of addiction. There’s a gem of a game buried deep within the confines of EA’s gold mine here but I’m afraid the company values quantity over quality. So that gem will continue luring fans who hold Star Wars in their hearts into an empty promise of shattered dreams. So be careful...”It’s a trap!!!”
  • I️ love Star Wars

    By TLJ was 10/10
    I wish is was easier to get more characters and level up but it’s the work that makes it fun and also I love Star Wars so that’s a plus
  • Why can’t I change my name

    By Poploltaue
    So I forgot to change my name in the begging of the game and now it’s stuck as the preset name and I don’t have the option to change it
  • Amazing Star Wars game

    By Chattman69
    I’ve playing this game since launch and can’t say enough good stuff about it. It’s had some issues in the past but overall very fun to play.